NDV Agency produces live webcast for Juanes

In an effort to get closer to his fans, Juanes contacted NDV Agency to produce his first live webcast. Juanes answered questions via Twitter during the first 30 minutes of the transmission and then proceeded to sing a couple of the songs of his new album once his iPhone’s battery dried out.

The interesting part of the webcast was that Juanes did not want to advertise it beforehand. We thought that was a very interesting initiative that would prize those that are really listening to Juanes’s social media channels on a regular basis. Loyal followers found a link on Juanes’s Twitter Sunday morning that took them to a livestream where they found their idol sitting on a white sofa ready for a Sunday afternoon chat.

The webcast proved to be a huge success after the term “Juanes” became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter for the duration of the transmission and over an hour thereafter. Over 20,000 fans got a glimpse of the artist during the 45 minutes of the broadcast.

Juanes, NDV Agency, Chris Duque
Juanes, NDV Agency, Chris Duque
Juanes, NDV Agency

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